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Q&A With LBF Hero, Zoe FitzGerald

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

We are so excited to have had the opportunity to virtually sit down with our April LBF Hero, Zoe Fitzgerald, for a Q&A. A reminder that you can read all about her cancer journey, written by Zoe herself, here but read the Q&A below for even more info on just why Zoe is so clearly a Hero to so many and already making an impact for other kids diagnosed with brain cancer.

Q: You have mentioned that until recently you were very private about your cancer journey, can you let us know what made you change that?

A: What helped me to be able to open up more about my journey was coming to terms that a brain tumor is so much bigger than just my struggles, and I know that my healthy condition while having a brain tumor, I knew I could use my position to help others.

Q: How do you think your diagnosis has affected your life?

A: I think my diagnosis has made me more aware and given me a perspective that I wouldn’t have had otherwise, I have a clearer understanding of the effects of childhood cancer and can more easily empathize with others struggling with illness. I have made some amazing friends that I wouldn’t have even met if not for my diagnosis.

Q: In addition to LBF, how have you been advocating and raising funds and awareness around pediatric brain cancer?

A: Last summer I started a non profit organization called Books4Brains to raise money for brain tumor research! It was a read-a-thon during the month of May (Brain tumor awareness month) and people were able to donate funds which went to children’s hospital pediatric brain tumor research.

Q: What do you think is important to help the next generation of children diagnosed with Pediatric brain cancer?

A: I think continued research and new treatments being made is so important, because there are so many children who either don’t have treatment options or their medicine can be toxic/harmful to their body.

Q: What advice would you have for a child diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer today as a child who has gone through this?

A: I think one piece of advice would be to let yourself feel all your emotions; it's okay to feel sad and not okay, it’s important to let your emotions out.

A big thank you to Zoe for sharing her journey with us and showing that you can make a difference and an impact at any age!

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