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Max Pound

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Max grew up like any other energetic boy, loving sports (football, baseball, basketball and swim), a fan of Formula 1, an enthusiastic YouTuber and a budding stock trader.  


Max began having progressively worsening headaches starting at 10 years of age; the headaches  eventually got so severe that they caused him to collapse, sending us to the ER.   Once at the ER, Max had a CT scan performed confirming that there was a mass in his head.   After Max’s craniotomy to remove the mass, the diagnosis of GBM (an aggressive form of brain cancer) was confirmed.  Max then went on to receive multiple rounds of Proton Radiation, chemotherapy and targeted therapy to try to keep his cancer at bay.   About 13 months after diagnosis it was confirmed that the cancer had spread, he underwent additional targeted therapy, photon radiation to try to control the spread.    Unfortunately due to the spread of the cancer, Max has lost function in the left side of his body (face, arm, hand and leg) and undergoes PT and OT to try to mitigate any loss of function. 


Max continued to display his fighting spirit until the end. He passed away on January 11, 2023.

Thanks to the generous support of Max's Hero Page, in partnership with CBTN and in honor of Max, LBF invested in the development and research of several preclinical models using DHG cell lines. 

Date of Diagnosis:
November 2020
Age at Diagnosis:
10 years old
Type of Brain Cancer:
Glioblastoma Multiforme
Summary of Treatment:

-proton radiation
- targeted therapy 
-photon radiation

At Fall Ball, we honored 12-year-old Max Pound as the 2022 Jack Preston Purssord Courage Award recipient. Throughout Max’s battle with Glioblastoma (GBM), he embodied strength, courage, and optimism.

"By sharing Max’s story we hope to bring awareness to the pediatric cancer journey that kids with CNS tumors take on. We also hope to raise funds to support research to bring additional safe and effective treatment to kids with these types of cancers."

- Carol Pound, Max's mom

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