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Lila Giroux

In September of 2009 at 15 months of age, Lila was diagnosed with an inoperable, multi-focal Grade 2 glioma.

Since her diagnosis, Lila has been on six different chemo regimens. Regimens have varied in the way they are administered (oral or infusion), type (traditional or trial), side effects and duration. But chemo is only part of the big picture.  Because of the harmful and unknown nature of many of these drugs, there are short and long term side effects which lead to endless appointments, screenings, testing and appointments with specialists. A blood draw, EKG, sonogram or MRI become routine. For Lila, the battle is never over. 

However, we have been fortunate to see first hand how ground-breaking research in the pediatric brain cancer field gives survivors time and hope. We have been the benefactors of these innovative new treatments and therapies that LBF seeks to support. Lila's experiences push us harder and fuel our fire to continue the battle.

Date of Diagnosis:
September 25, 2009

Age at Diagnosis:
15 months old

Age Now: 
14 years old

Type of Brain Cancer:
Inoperable low-grade glioma

Summary of Treatment:
-Six Chemo regimens 

"We would like to express our deepest gratitude for the support and prayers over the years. Please continue to pray for Lila and all of the children who are faced with this devastating disease and please continue to support LBF. We know it takes an army. Lila’s Army!" - The Girouxs

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