How did LBF get started?

The Lilabean Foundation for Pediatric Brain Cancer Research was formed in 2011. After Lila was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in 2009, Lila's parents, Nicole and Mike Giroux, were devastated. As the initial Shock and panic settled, Nicole and Mike both wanted to focus their energy, time and fears into something positive and helpful for children, like Lila, battling this heartbreaking disease. The Giroux's formed LBF with the intentions to help fund pediatric brain tumor research. 

How can I donate to LBF?

There are many ways you can donate to LBF! You can sign up to become an 11for11 Member to make a monthly donation of $11 in honor of the approximately 11 children who are diagnosed with brain cancer each day. You can always make a donate by clicking here or by reading about our kids and making a donation in their honor. You can also donate by mailing a check payable to the Lilabean Foundation to:

The Lilabean Foundation

105 Rockdale Drive

Silver Spring, MD, 20901

Is LBF a Non-Profit

The Lilabean Foundation is a non-profit (501c3) organization

Tax Exempt # 45-4877388

What impact has LBF Made ove the last 10 years?

Over the last 10 years, LBF has raised over $2 million dollars committed to research. Has helped fund over 10 research projects. You can see the full impact of LBF's first decade here. Thank you to all of our donors, partners and sponsors for making this possible. 

Interested in helping us make an even greater impact in the next ten years? Donate today! 

How can I get more involved in LBF?

  • Volunteer – We always need more volunteers with new and innovative fundraising ideas. Please email info@lilabeanfoundation.com if interested.

  • Auction Items -Support our annual Fall Ball Auction- donate an item to be auctioned off- things which are unique and usually unobtainable are the best.

  • Sponsor us financially – when it comes down to it, funds are what is desperately needed. Your donation is always tax deductible and we have exciting new ways you can give! Check out our new Giving Circle and Corporate Partnerships Programs today! 

  • Spread the word – raising awareness about this horrible disease is half the battle- tell your friends and family about LBF. Share our website and Facebook page with everyone or host a fun event with your friends! 

What research has LBF Funded?

LBF has helped to fund 10 research projects over the last 10 years and is actively working to raise funds for exciting new opportunities with our partners at CBTN. You can read all about the 10 previous projects that LBF has helped to support in our 10  Impact report. 

In addition to this, in 2020 LBF started an COVID Relief Fund for Families Battling Childhood Brain Cancer during the pandemic which raised over $30,000 to support families in need. Realizing this need, we created the Family Relief Fund to directly help, you can support those families today by donating here. 

"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children"

-Nelson Mandela

Help us make a difference in the lives of children diagnosed with brain cancer.