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 One morning during her last month of kindergarten, Kasey vomited during breakfast, and then she was completely fine... Until the next afternoon when she got sick again. Over the next few weeks, she started getting sick more frequently, and also started complaining of headaches.


Kasey's doctors ran multiple tests that all came back negative. One day, less than a month after her symptoms first appeared, the vomiting became so bad that we took her to the ER. We expected she would get an IV for hydration, a quick CT scan, and then we would head back home. Unfortunately, the CT scan revealed a large mass in Kasey's brain, and she ended up spending the next few weeks in the hospital. 


Kasey had surgery to remove the tumor and was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma. She had her first of 30 radiation treatments the day before her 6th birthday, and then went through 7 rounds of chemo. She handled her treatment remarkably well, keeping busy with art, building complex Lego sets, and reading Harry Potter. 


After months in remission, port-free and enjoying life,  Kasey's families worst nightmare came true...  In September of 2022,  when getting a routine MRI they learned that the cancer was back. While Kasey was not excited to endure more treatment to she continues to show what the definition of bravery and strength. As Kacey's mom states "Enough is enough. I know a cure exists. Let's find it." 

Date of Diagnosis:
July 2021

Age at Diagnosis:
5 years old

Age Now: 
7 years old

Type of Brain Cancer:

Summary of Treatment:
-30 Radiation Treatments
-7 Rounds of Chemo

"Pediatric cancer research is massively underfunded. We’ve been so lucky that Kasey has responded well to her treatment, but her survival, and the survival of other kids like her, shouldn’t be based on luck. If the government won’t spend money on pediatric cancer research, it’s up to the rest of us to raise the money that’s needed to find a breakthrough in treatment options for this disease. " - Alyssa, Kasey's mom

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