Cameron Corno

Cameron is a creative, fearless, happy, silly kid that loves to dance, paint, swim, play doctor, bake, go to the beach, and be the sweetest big sister to Kaitlin. Before she was diagnosed, there were 2 long weeks of intermittent vomiting, multiple trips to the pediatrician and hospital, and many tests performed that led to even more uncertainty. On the second day of being admitted at Georgetown Hospital, the CT scan found “moderate hydrocephalus” and she was scheduled for a sedated full brain MRI the next morning. The MRI found a posterior fossa tumor compressing the brain stem and she was rushed to a 14 hour neurosurgery to put in an External Ventricular Drain (EVD) to alleviate the pressure from the fluid build up (hydrocephalus) and a craniectomy to remove as much of the tumor as possible (resection). Cameron had 3 brain surgeries in just 12 days, which landed her  an extended stay in the PICU for the next month for recovery and therapies (SLP, OT, PT) where she had to relearn how to eat, drink, talk, sit, crawl, walk, etc. She made unbelievable progress in her therapies and was walking and talking only a few weeks later! In May 2020 the marathon of treatment began starting with 7 weeks of proton beam radiation on her brain and spine. 4 rounds of in-patient intensive chemotherapy started in July 2020, and she ended up in the ER during each round due to a fever or other side effects. Due to a metastatic, inoperable spot on her spine, Cameron began a year of metronomic (oral) chemotherapy in December 2020. These drugs are low dose chemotherapy that is administered at home, and the plan is to finish this phase in December 2021, so she can officially ring the chemo bell at Children’s National!



Age at Diagnosis:
18 months old

Age Now : 
3 years old

Type of Brain Cancer:
Anaplastic Ependymoma (Grade 3) malignant brain tumor

Summary of Treatment: 

4 neurosurgeries - 2 resections, 1 EVD placement, 2 shunt surgeries, 7 weeks of radiation, 4 rounds of intensive in-patient chemotherapy , 12 months of metronomic chemotherapy, many procedures, tests, blood transfusions, and sedated scans - broviac central venous line (CVL) placement and removal, GFRs, audiograms, EEGs, lumbar punctures (LP), CT scans, shunt series X-rays, MRIs, port-a-cath placement and removal, etc. 

"Curing childhood cancer isn’t just about survivorship, it’s about developing less toxic treatments. Many of Cameron’s ER visits and hospital admissions have been the aftermath of the drugs that are treating the cancer - such as radiation, chemotherapy, and the sedated scans. My hope is that sharing Cameron’s story will raise awareness and funds for organizations, like LBF, whose mission is devoted to addressing the severely underfunded pediatric brain cancer research for treatment options. "

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