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LBF Creates Ukrainian Pediatric Cancer Relief Fund to Help Provide Basic Needs

While LBF’s mission is to raise funds to support pediatric brain cancer research and awareness, we are proud to partner with the Childhood Cancer International - Europe (CCI-E) to raise funds for Ukrainian children with cancer. CCI-E is assisting in the evacuation and support of Ukrainian children who are actively battling cancer. CCI-E has already evacuated over 700 children from Ukraine since the beginning of the attacks by creating a Safe Corridor.

There are so many things that these children and families need ranging from clothing and toothbrushes to continued cancer treatments and medicine. We are asking our community to join us in this effort. Your donation will go directly to Ukrainian families for the following:

  • Costs of medicine for cancer treatments and managing side effects.

  • Basic needs for the children and their families (clothing, food, shelter).

  • Safe transportation for all patients and for reunification of the families who have been separated

  • Housing costs for accommodations

  • Financial support for translation services as well as assistance in reuniting families who have been separated.

  • CCI-E coordination helpline

We are so grateful to the work that the CCI-E has done and continues to do to keep Ukrainian pediatric cancer patients safe and LBF is proud to support this incredible mission. You can make your donation to support Ukrainian pediatric cancer patients here. Together we can help these kids fight this deadly disease. Thank you in advance for your support.

You can find updates on their Ukraine Emergency Fund here.

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