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Damian 'Junior' Wroblewski

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In late October of 2021, as Damian was finishing cross-country season and working out with his dad when they noticed his right foot began to not work correctly. This observation led to a series of tests, scans, MRIs, doctor’s visits, and, culminated in brain surgery and a Biopsy at UVA. With each step, Damian and his parents learned more detail of the tumor and its properties. On December 17, 2021, they were informed that it was a high-grade glioma. Damian then began treatment at Children’s National in DC. The Wroblewski's feel very blessed to be able to use both hospitals and their doctors and staff. Through a collaborative effort of surgeons, neurologists, and oncologists, the plan of standard radiation and a clinical trial (“Targeted Therapy”) began, and Damian is in it today. Along the way, they have faced many difficult questions and complicated situations but are also grateful to have met many beautiful and encouraging people. Damian's parents noted, "When we visit the hospitals and see other children fighting their own battle against this disease, it opens our hearts and makes us want to fight more."

Last Summer, Damian decided to help other children fighting cancer and began a fundraising campaign through Children’s National to raise awareness and money for pediatric brain tumor research. Damian continues to go to school and be as active and involved as he can be with the ups and downs of the medications. His faith and attitude are an inspiration to us all.

You can learn more about Damian's story by checking out this episode of the LBF Podcast, where we sit down with Damian Jr. and his dad, Damian Sr.

Date of Diagnosis:
November 12, 2021

Age at Diagnosis:
13 years old

Age Now:
15 years old

Type of Brain Cancer:
High-Grade Glioma

Summary of Treatment:
-Standard Radiation
-PNOC Clinical Trial

"Bring pediatric brain cancer to the forefront of people's minds."
-Damian aka 'Junior'

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