Jack RolleJack first started exhibiting signs of an unusual illness as a fourth grader in August 2008. After a series of tests over several months that culminated with brain surgery in May 2009, Jack was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor called mixed cell germinoma.

Jack started 16 rounds of inpatient chemotherapy at Children’s National Medical Center in June 2009. After completing chemotherapy in September 2009 Jack and his mother and youngest brother moved to Boston in order to take advantage of the safer form of radiation therapy known as “proton beam” that was available at Massachusetts General Hospital. He began daily treatments to his brain and spine and completed his cancer treatment November, 2009. Jack continues with yearly MRI’s but no longer needs spinal taps. He will continue to take multiple medications a day and a daily growth hormone shots to counter his Jack permanent pituitary function loss that resulted from the tumor and aggressive treatments to eradicate it.

When Jack reached his one year milestone of remission at 11 years old  he was asked to share his story of childhood cancer at Greg Normans SharkShootout amongst PGA golfers and guests to raise money for childhood cancer. Being an avid golfer he accepted the offer! This sparked his interest and passion for raising awareness and money for childhood brain tumor research. He has continued throughout the years to share his story at events whether it be direct fundraising for childhood brain cancer research or speaking before Congress to help raise awareness for the importance of government funding. He has helped raise over $250,000 for childhood brain tumor research over the years. He is 8 years cancer free!

Jack graduated from Georgetown Prep this past weekend where he was President of The Yard and Captain of the Varsity Golf team. He will attend Wake Forest University in the fall.


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