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Proteogenomics In Low-Grade Gliomas Project Update

You may remember that in the LBF 10 year Impact Report we updated you on a project about Proterogenomics in low grade gliomas. This is a project that LBF has donated over $150,000 to help support. Proteogenomics is a combination of genomics and proteomics in which genomic sequencing is used to create a database of all the possible proteins identified by a mass spectrometer (the main tool of proteomics) are searched against the database to help identify abnormal proteins that are unique to that gene.

“Low-grade Gliomas are increasingly being recognized as immunologically ‘hot’ tumors. This means that the immune system is dynamically involved in their micro-environment.” - Dr. Brian Rood, Medical Director, Brain Tumor Institute

We are excited to share that our friends at Children's Brain Tumor Network (CBTN) recently put out an updated publication on this project that is promising. Their data indicates that aberrant splice junctions are the primary source of neoantigens in medulloblastoma, a common pediatric brain tumor. These findings demonstrate the proteogenomic discovery of immunogenic tumor-specific peptides and lay the groundwork for personalized targeted T cell therapies for children with brain tumors. You can find the abstract here and can access the publication through the link below.

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