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LBF is Supporting our Community Again this Holiday Season through the LBF Brain Cancer Family Relief

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Their stories are heartbreaking, our ask is simple. Help us support families battling pediatric brain cancer this holiday season.

While LBF continues to focus on finding a cure for pediatric brain cancer, there are families who have received a diagnosis that need our help NOW. This holiday season, join LBF in raising funds for patients battling brain cancer and their families. Below are stories of two of these children LBF is supporting this holiday season, Davis and Bethel, who are actively going through treatment at Children’s National Hospital. These families have kindly shared their stories to raise awareness and give a real-time look into the struggles that come along with a pediatric brain cancer diagnosis. It is not just battling this terrible disease, but it also includes keeping the lights on at home, childcare for other children, trying to balance making ends meet and spending precious moments with your child in the hospital and so much more. So many seemingly minor things that can become an overwhelming burden for families trying to save the lives of their children going through treatment for brain cancer. Today, on Giving Tuesday, LBF is humbled to share their stories and donate every single dollar raised today to these families, and others who are in need. We hope you will consider a donation after reading these stories.



Davis is a sweet natured, 15-month old little boy who was diagnosed with a high grade malignant spinal cord tumor at 7 months of age when his parents noticed that he was losing milestones and having difficulty moving his left side. He underwent a surgical resection and the bulk of the tumor was removed however he had new challenges and has continued to require intensive physical and occupational therapy. Davis received 2 cycles of high dose inpatient chemotherapy and remained hospitalized for nearly 3 months.

Davis lives with his parents and 4 older siblings in a basement apartment in Prince George’s County, Maryland. As often happens after a pediatric cancer diagnosis, Davis’ mom has been unable to return to work so that she can care for Davis. Davis’ dad works in construction and generally has a reduced income during the winter months when mom's income used to carry them through. Child care costs for his four siblings, especially during the summer while he was receiving treatment at children’s, has left the family with very little savings and are really struggling financially right now.

Unfortunately, on a recent routine MRI done to evaluate Davis’ response to treatment it showed recurrence and further dissemination of the tumor. Due to limited options, Davis’ will now undergo radiation, however this treatment is sure to have many long term side effects including significant growth failure.



Bethel is a beautiful 18-month old little girl who was diagnosed with a disseminated high grade glioma at just 7 weeks of age. Her parents had noticed that her eyes were not moving together and her pediatrician sent her for a CT scan. That was the beginning of many hospital visits and being hospitalized at Children's National for months at a time.

Since being diagnosed, Bethel has undergone 3 surgical resections and 8 cycles of high dose inpatient chemotherapy. Sadly, her most recent MRI has shown that even with these treatments, the disease continues to progress. Because of her young age, whole brain radiation is not an option and her parents have elected to focus on her comfort and quality of life.

She remains hospitalized at Children's where her mother never leaves her side. Bethel's father has to continue to work as he brings in the only income and does not yet qualify for paid leave as he has only worked for his employer for 8 months. However, each day after work he leaves his job in Virginia and comes to spend the night with Bethel and her mom.

Bethel is their only child and the center of their world. Financial assistance will allow her dad to take some time off from work to spend precious moments together as a family and not have to worry how their monthly bills will get paid.

We hope these stories show you just how difficult a pediatric brain cancer diagnosis is and how much these families go through. Our goal is to make their lives just a tiny bit better by supporting them financially so they can pay their bills, keep food on the table, and so much more that is often overlooked. Will you join us and make a donation today?


Our friends at Cardinal Wealth Management will be matching all donations up to $2,500 so your donation of $10 becomes $20 and $50 becomes $100. The support we can provide to these families doubles.

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