“A community of committed philanthropists who come together to learn about more effective ways to fund and fuel a cure for pediatric brain cancer research.”

"Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much."
-Helen Keller

LBF Giving Circle

Join the Lilabean Foundation for the first Donor Giving Circle launching in February 2022. Our goal is to bring together a community of committed ambassadors to learn about more effective ways to fund and fuel a cure for pediatric brain cancer. 

Over the course of 3 months, you will have the opportunity to come together virtually to pool your funds and select a research project in alignment with LBF’s mission of finding more effective, safer treatments for childhood brain cancer. You will learn to use your financial, social, and intellectual capital, within your networks and communities to promote the research and work being done by the Lilabean Foundation and their affiliates. Additionally, Giving Circle members will gain a better understanding of the nuances surrounding medical research and it’s funding through our exclusive Giving Circle events where you will hear directly from families affected by brain cancer as well as from experts in the pediatric medical field and more.

Topics and Speakers will include:

“Brain Cancer from a Family Perspective:” Speaker TBD


"Equity in the Treatment of Pediatric Cancer Patients:” Cassie Kline, Assistant Professor at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Director, Neuro-Oncology Clinical Research


"Creating a Culture of Philanthropy:” Anne Wintroub, Founder, UPSIDE // former AT&T Head of Social Innovation + public libraries + public broadcasting // Founder, Augie Fund


Donors who choose to join the LBF Giving Circle are asked to contribute $1,100 or more to participate in the collective giving process.


Looking for Meaningful Partnership?

For many companies and brands, success is measured by not only the bottom line but also, by the meaningful impact a company can have on an issue that means something to their community of stakeholders. At the Lilabean Foundation, we are working to keep hope alive for the 4,000 families a year who receive a brain cancer diagnosis for their child. 


We are seeking to engage with brands who want to help us keep that hope alive for families throughout the nation. In these partnerships, we hope to work intimately alongside companies to increase brand exposure, break into new markets, and add extra value to that company’s products and services. If this type of partnership inspires and excites you, we hope you reach out to learn more. Contact LBF’s Founder, Nicole Giroux, at nicole@lilabeanfoundation.


Below are a few testimonials from current corporate partners and donors who see great value in aligning their work with ours. Additionally, you can learn more about the benefits of a strategic brand partnership here.

"Joanie and I were overwhelmed by the stories of these young children and their families battling to overcome pediatric brain cancer.  We were shocked by the lack of funding and research from the medical community. I am honored to serve as a board member for the Lilabean Foundation to work on behalf of these beautiful children. Joanie and I will continue to support LBF." Kevin and Joanie Rowe


"At Rock Spring our team looks forward to the golf tournament year after year.  We encourage everyone to participate and get involved.  We get to spend meaningful time with our team, customers and vendors.  You know you are making an impact when the same groups of people come back year after year.  Not only did they have a great time, but they are engaged and involved in support of The Lilabean Foundation.  That makes it special!" Nick DeSarno and Sean Keegan, Rockspring Contracting


"We believe that every child should be able to grow up happy and healthy. Pediatric brain cancer steals too many children from us way too early.  We must do everything in our power to make this relentless disease a thing of the past. Knowing Lila and her family, and witnessing their strength and resilience firsthand, we are even more committed to the effort to find new treatment options and a cure for this disease." Mimi and Roger Dennis