Lila's Latest February 2018We thought it was time for an update on Lilabean! This month marks the 2nd year anniversary of Lila being off of treatment. We are tremendously blessed and grateful.

Last month, the doctors told us that we can push Lila’s MRI scans to every six months. This was big news given that in the last 8.5 years, Lila has had a scan every 2-3 months. Six months feels like an eternity, which is both exciting and scary.

Another piece of big news is that last month, for the first time in those 8.5 years, Lila completed her scan without sedation. She stayed awake for the hour-long procedure and although she was quite nervous, she pulled through like a rock star. Being able to do the MRI without being sedated opens up a whole world of possibilities for Lila- she can eat prior to the scan, she can watch a movie during the scan and she even gets to go back to school after the scan! These are exciting things for her!

Over the past few years, Lila has been busy. She is almost 10 now. She loves school (currently in 3rd grade) and being with her friends and family. She has tried lots of new activities including soccer, basketball, horseback riding, skiing, swimming and softball! Currently, her favorite activity is school choir. It is a true joy to watch Lila perform with the choir knowing how much fulfillment it brings her.

Of course, in the midst of the blessings and adventures come the struggles due to her cancer. Late treatment side effects such as dental and skin issues and learning difficulties just affirm for us the real need to find better treatment options for children fighting this disease.

On a positive note, if Lila was diagnosed today as opposed to 9 years ago, instead of the toxic cocktail of drugs she endured for many years, she would be offered an oral, outpatient chemotherapy as the first line of treatment. This is real progress and we are proud to continue to be part of it. Thank you to everyone who continues to support Lila and the Lilabean Foundation by donating and raising awareness.

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